Reflections on an Early Retirement

I had to take an early retirement for health reasons.  For those who are foaming at the mouth in envy let me tell you it isn’t as good as you think.  Can I have your job and we’ll switch places?  I am 60 in an 80-year-old world.  For the last 2 of the 3 years it didn’t matter as I was trying to get well but now it matters.

Each day I force myself up with little to do so have found the ennui of life.  I attend church as much as I can as I always liked talking to God and quite frankly the priest is cute and less than sixty.  He always has something up beat to say and keeps me going for the rest of the day.

I also grocery shop, check prices on gasoline and attend library classes.  I live for library classes, in fact I’ve even taught a few.  My attendance hasn’t been the greatest but they still are letting me teach one or two every several months.  The library staff has come to be my socialization.

CVS is my most frequent caller. I think I’ve memorized their mantra as well as their number. While my favorite drug store is Walgreen’s I have am sharing the wealth as my Medicare drug coverage is from CVS.

Volunteer organizations have alluded me.  I’ve been forced out by several of those agencies run by older based testosterone based folks and millennium’s – well, what can I say?  Did we actually raise these critters?

So that’s my thoughts for the day.  I have to go as they called from CVS.  My Vitamin D is in.  Even though I live in sunny Florida I am deficient.  Can you imagine if I stayed in New Jersey? I’d probably have to buy it by the truckload.

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