Solving the Middle East Conflicts and Underwire Bras

I went to the Holy Lands and it was one hot stretch.  As I looked around everyone was dressed in black and had hats or gear covering their faces.  In traveling the cities, the women wore dresses that were floor length and clung to their ankles.  Even some wore shoes which were dark and enclosed.

In observing this I began to wonder with the temperature being so sweltering why do these people wear such dark clothes?  Perhaps if they wore different garb of a lighter color and fabric they wouldn’t sweat so much and feel so downright yucky.  Think about it, now doesn’t that make sense?

Maybe if these folks didn’t feel so drained from sweating so much they would be less likely to have their tempers flare and more accommodating to their fellow human beings. I know whenever I feel hot and sticky like that I don’t feel peaceful inside – do you?

On another note.. underwire bras also make you sweaty.  It’s not natural to have metal next to your skin unless you are fighting in the crusades.  Metal next to your skin rubs, interferes with air circulation and since your pores can’t breathe they clog. Could that be a possible link to breast cancer? Something to think about the next time you don one of those vile undergarments.

That’s all for today.


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