8,000 Hits

In January, I went to Atlanta.  On the way home, I stopped in Jonesboro, Georgia the town where Margaret Mitchell author of Gone with the Wind based her novel.  It was an amazing place and I did a tour of the museum, the house the book was based on and the town.  There also was a monument placed by Michelle Obama for her great-great-great grandmother, Mattie Shields, as she was a farm slave in a town nearby.

While there, Pinky, my Android phone, came on with a message regarding my need to join a google travel picture site.  The tour guide dressed in authentic garb encouraged me to join the site and I did.

Since that time I have had numerous requests to add more pictures to the site.  By now if you’ve read my blogs you know I lack technology skills so it goes with the territory that I have posted some very odd pictures on my site.

Because I donate many items St. Vincent de Paul I take pictures of these items for tax purposes in case of an audit. To my horror yet amazement I had posted pictures of clothing, lamps, and other odd combinations of items on this site.  While I was proud of my technology accomplishment I was horrified the world was seeing my former lingerie.

Probably by the time this is posted and read I will be up to 15,000 hits for this site. I still don’t know if the world continues to view my underwear as there is no customer service number to call.

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