Thanks, Tim

My daughter has had a lot of boyfriends but I have never gotten more mileage out of them than with Tim.  Tim is a trust fund baby and his father is somehow in business with a prominent Republican.  When I heard of this connection I was very upset to say the least.  Me being a staunch democrat what would I talk about to these people?  How would I dress?  Where would I find the fake husband to bring to the wedding?

As with most of my daughter’s beaus Tim was converted from relationship material to friend status in a short period of time.  For this I was grateful as I had tired of reading books on how to talk to people and not inclined to lie.  Yes, I did vote for you.

This businessman who was connected to Tim is a wonderful, generous, handsome man, good husband and father to boot.  I admire him. He was a great governor and did many amazing things but the thing I most admire him for is Staples.  Staples is a fun store with dedicated staff and gives good rebates on their printer cartridges.

Recently I purchased a computer at Staples.  The guys were pleasant and helpful but when I mentioned my connection to this man it all changed.  They were at attention and the minute I walked in the door they greeted me.  I was no longer the whiney, stupid woman who cracked jokes, I was their foremost customer.   Thanks, Tim.

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