The Luggage Fairies

In my last three flights the luggage fairies have been against me.  While I have met wonderful customer service folks to assist I wonder why these luggage fairies are not smiling upon me.  These perturbing events occurred in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Belfast, Ireland, and China.

Perhaps my first event in China was the easiest resolved. The bag was grossly broken and its exterior taped together. As I saw the sad site round the turn stile butterflies appeared in my stomach.  This was Day 1 of a 13-day excursion.

As I proceeded to customer service an enchanting Asian woman smiled and nodded giving what I assumed to be apologies. Miraculously a new black bag appeared from behind her desk and I was transported to another desk to transfer the bag contents. Task completed another agent whisked away the damaged bag. I bid adieu to my long time traveling companion and began my sojourn.

In Belfast my bag did not arrive for 30 hours. Since I was traveling in winter I was grateful to have added my winter clothing to my carry-on.  Needing new undies, (I know too much information), I discovered the Primark Store in Belfast and purchased a few items to tide me over.

My final debacle occurred in the Netherlands. Once again, my heart sunk as I discovered my brand new North Face back pack had its zipper broken and items were careening out of the top layer as it rounded the luggage turnstile.  Grabbing the bag, I transferred the misplaced items into other parts of the still intact bag and promptly went to the customer service agent.

The customer service agent was delightful but could not assist in any manner.  She offered a ride to the gate which I never quite understood why and how that was connected to a broken bag, but I declined. While I took pictures of the damaged bag no one seemed to know if I had to mail the damaged bag into Delta for reimbursement so I continued to lug the bag along.

While in Amsterdam the purchase of a new suitcase became another delightful Primark event. Primark is a new European chain store and beginning to sprout in the States.  Husbands beware as their prices are low and they even have comfortable seating areas and Wi-Fi for you critters as your wife shops.

I only found oversized bags in the floor display at Primark, however an employee assured me there were other bags in the back room.  Fifteen minutes later she appeared with a bag which would comply with airline overhead compartment standards. Overjoyed by her find I gave a note to her manager with accolades on her exceptional service.

Upon return to the States, I developed an itemized listing for Delta and they reimbursed me for the bags, photocopying of the listing, and postage costs. It almost makes you look forward to another new bag.

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