Magazines and Money

I’m not much for magazines.  While I enjoy getting updates on the latest stars as I wait in the grocery line I find I am recognizing the stars less and less the older I get.  And quite frankly I get annoyed how much they nag Jennifer Aniston and Meryl Streep is not marrying Robert Redford.  She’s happily living in Connecticut with her three kids and husband the sculpter.  Now don’t prove me wrong here Meryl!  I am in your court.

For the first 20 to 30 years of my adult life I was fascinated with home decorating magazines and lived for the next issue of Colonial Homes and Cottage Life.  I would drool over the homes I knew I could never afford and take tidbits from the articles and incorporate them into my 350-square foot abode.

Then around my early 50’s life began to change.  I discovered all those pennies I had stashed from my early 20’s had begun to grow and sadly many had fallen away in big chunks during the housing crash.  Even more sadly,  this doubled our national debt and 10 years out no one has gone to jail for this. Those Wall St. guys walked away with many of our retirements and trillions. What is wrong with this picture?

Out of bad comes good so since I was already well versed in decoration I changed my focus to money.  I began to seek out all I could learn about the market, stocks, dividends, mutual funds and how it all works. In my quest, I found Money magazine and now seek it out monthly and am an avid reader cover to cover.  Within an hour of its arrival I read every article and then re-read to insure I got it.  I am hooked.

Thank you, Money Magazine!    Sadly, Money Magazine has left us, however I now get Forbes.  Give it a try…

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