Is Social Media Really Social?

I hear a ping and it is Tracky, (my Trac Fone). It’s Facebook and I know what it’s about. The message states, “Let your friends know what you are up to.” I reply “no” aware the message will never be received.

Facebook annoys me. While I’m happy the son of a dentist from Westchester County, New York, has done good, it’s messy, disorganized and who is going to tell him that.

Then there is Twitter. Another messy, disorganized site and even more upsetting with the exclamation marks and emojis. What does this say about our society? Is social media really social?

This week I tried to block the news feed on my email site. I spent an hour on the phone with an individual who had English as his second language and was working as a customer service rep. He kept insulting me saying I didn’t understand. Darn right I didn’t especially after he wanted to put me through to a service for $199 to get rid of the news. Though the site was certified he was in my computer and now I’m wondering what he did since I didn’t bite for the $199. The sliding bar and arrows no longer work after this call.

I ask Jimmy who was in my office later and he gave me a simple solution. Sign in to Goggle. Select the email server and a direct connection to your mail occurs. I am relieved. Give it a try.

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