The Sexy Shopper

While at Dollar Tree I met a lovely young woman to chat with.  We shared the same ideals of saving money and even purchased similar items.  I was in sync with a millennium.  She was gorgeous, stick thin in what we formerly called hot pants and adorned with the gams of Betty Grable.  For those millenniums who don’t know Betty Grable try google with her name or the term pin-up girl.  (Finally, something a millennium doesn’t know!)

While shopping I also encountered an older male shopper.  He was of the curmudgeon type.  In my attempt to acknowledge him I offered my chirpy Florida hello and in response received a grunt.  Rather than being dismayed at the grunt I shrugged it off to not enough sun.  Perhaps he too is Vitamin D deficient?

At the checkout, I noticed the curmudgeon was checking out in front of the gorgeous millennium.  He was chatting her up, as they say in England and I was okay with this.  Since I was behind her she turned and smiled acknowledging me and we shared a few words.  Once our check out was completed simultaneously we all appeared at the exit.  The curmudgeon opened the door for the millennium and as he did let the door shut in my face.

This man was obviously not a southern gentleman.

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