Belly Dancing Finance

The ghost of Henry Flagler made his appearance in my Belly Dancing class. I’m sure he is not pleased with us gals wiggling our hips in his beautiful room that he probably used to make big deals in with the upper crust. If the tiffany windows could only speak.

I know Henry was playing with us as I have taken many classes with Bev and her music system has never failed. After many minds worked on the system we were able to continue and complete the class.

Upon leaving the class I chatted up several of the female Flagler students. They were intrigued that an old babe like me was belly dancing. I told them how we joked in class of Henry’s ghost causing the music problem and they laughed. Apparently, incidents like this occur all the time. These gals have even called up spirits via the Ouija Board.

As we parted I told them the next time they do this give me a jingle. I could use some tips on the market.

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