I’m Not After Your Husband

I speak to everyone I see and for those who live alone you are chuckling because you do the same.  I frequently find myself forced to talk to men which in some ways I disdain but they approach me.

For example, when speaking to the peanut butter jar at Publix a man came behind me and answered my question regarding the sugar content of the peanut butter. We had an amusing discussion and by the end of the conversation he gave me the idea to make my own peanut butter which I now do.

The beauty of our short chat was he didn’t mention his wife 3 seconds into the conversation. The conversation could have been, too much sugar is in peanut I believe that as well. Then, I’m married 36 years to my childhood sweetheart and we have two phenomenal children one is a rocket scientist and the other curing cancer.

Indubitably, this is how the conversation usually occurs.  Having only discussed peanut butter filled me with joy as I didn’t want to hear about his wife and I am not interested in you beyond peanut butter.  I merely want to talk to someone briefly and move on.

It becomes even worse when the duo is together. When this arises I only look and talk to the wife.  I have learned my lesson while traveling as the single supplement chick.  Guess I am thought of as jail bait.

In one of my trips the man told me he had worked in the same town where I formerly lived. While I tried to engage the wife in the conversation she pretended to read a pamphlet.  Later I realized she was probably fuming as for the remainder of the trip she gave me daggers. It was ugly each time the man came in my general area so I quickly moved or excused myself to keep a 50-yard distance.

So, what can you learn from this? When the male counterpart of the couple talks feign laryngitis, or speak of your non-existent husband and always wear a wedding ring on the trip.

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