Getting a Will Done


Today I went and updated my will.  I have been doing these myself for the last 30 years, but today I officially paid the $495 and went to a real lawyer.  He was a delightful young man in his late 20’s, pleasant, well-groomed and handsome.  I have to return in two weeks for signing but to tell the truth I’m looking forward to this as it was rather painless and will give me another event for my senior calendar.

The legal aid attorney had been giving classes at the local library for the last few months.  I’ve learned interesting things such as senior scams, paying for a nursing home, health care proxies and finally wills.  She was quite humorous and forthright in her presentation so I marked my calendar to get this done!

I was concerned if this was the right timing as paying for the will is a chunk of change however once again Father Tim came through.  In his sermon today discussing Sara, Abraham’s wife who died at 127 he mentioned the need to plan so our descendants are covered.  I took this as a sign I did the right thing.

Since I travel extensively no one knows when the time will come.  I was in Brussels Airport as they were arresting the Paris terrorists, in the Holy lands when a West Point graduate was murdered and on a plane in Portugal when a woman went psychotic.

When the woman began running up and down the plane aisle attempting to open the airline door my traveling companion woke me.  As a psych nurse, she thought maybe I could do something. After some coaxing she calmed and for the remaining 45 minutes of the flight I sat next to her.

Since the woman was African she spoke a language no one on the plane knew but my gentle smile seemed to calm her 250 pounds plus frame.  While the stewardess thanked me, and said I would get a note from the airlines as well nothing arrived from Portugal Air except all of us safely.

Moral of the story as always Father Tim is right and my affairs are now in order. After reading my blog I hope you do the same. And if you are in need of a cute, pleasant lawyer in St. Augustine just shoot me an email.

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