Pinky is Lost!


For those who don’t know it Pinky is my cellphone.  I believe all items should be named.  Well, I lost her a few hours ago but now she is found.  I call her she as her temperament can sometimes be reflective of a woman in the wrong time of the month and today it seems to be that time.

Since I had checked in the couch I decided to move to the car thinking I had dropped her there.  While checking a neighbor came by and called her several times.  Since there was silence in the car we moved to the house calling again and voila she began to chirp.  Low and behold she was hidden in the upper cushions of the couch.  Now, how did she ever get there?

While Pinky and I don’t always see eye to eye I was grateful for her return as she has become a friend, confidant and sometimes savior. Perhaps through this loss and subsequent find there will be a healing in our relationship.  I have committed myself to learn more about her and who knows maybe I’ll even come to understand her APs, noises and odd signs.  Isn’t that what every relationship is about?

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