See You at Two


Texting is new to me.  My doctor’s office texted me today.  I was so proud of myself when they confirmed back as I am not tech savvy.

For those of us caught in the technology flurry and don’t have a seven-year-old child or grandchild we are in trouble.  At times, I find myself asking people on the street for assistance with the phone.  I wonder if what they actually tell me is true but am at their mercy and do it anyway.  Will there come a time when I will no longer be able to make a call or much worse pay a bill?  I struggle with this.

Later in the day I see I have received another text.  This is the first time I have received texts from two separate entities.  I am excited texting back after I receive the “How are you?” inquiry.  I proceed to say doing better I’m starting to blog.  I hear a ping but see nothing but the entities phone number above my first text so I continue to text how I am and what I am now doing.

I have done 5 entries with no response; however, I continue to hear the ping.  I know someone is on the other end but unsure why I cannot see what they have written.  As I look at the top of the screen I realize I have been texting my doctor’s office.  I can’t imagine the chatter that is occurring as they read my texts.  See you at two.

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