Whatever Happened to Wallpaper?

The other day I walked into my kitchen bemoaning its beige walls and a thought popped into my head- wallpaper!  For those who grew up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s every kitchen had this perky little item on their kitchen walls.  And to educate those unaware wallpaper would come with fruits, vegetables, coffee pots, and spices on it.

This was not a new revelation for me as ten years ago I had the itch to wallpaper again but when I went to the hardware stores I was literally laughed out of the place.  A man in his fifties, usually about 100 pounds overweight would look me in the eye like I was insane saying, “Lady, that went out with the horse and buggy.”  Since then I am grateful these stores have sensitized men to our female needs and recently while shopping in one of these stores a female employee responded to my wallpaper query, “Amazon.”

So, to Amazon I went.  While Amazon is putting main stream shopping out of business I delight in having door to door service.  To hear the wrap on the door and discover it is the USPS worker makes my heart sing.  Someone has saved me from lugging heavy over-sized boxes and other back breaking items into a cart, to the car and up flights of stairs.  I need to write Jeff Bezos a thank you note.

While Amazon did not have a selection of wallpaper I was referred to Steve’s whose selection included a cache of wallpaper for $4.95 a single roll.  Even though I fell for the $12.95 roll economics told me this was the route to go and I could live without flowers. The order form was bliss and the site’s FAQs gave installation tips. I was in wallpaper heaven.

My valued rolls arrived in 3 days and I spent the next sixteen hours merrily measuring and applying water to my pre-pasted wallpaper strips.  I eagerly matched the fruits of the strips to perfection and my heart soared.  The kitchen had become a work of art.

To my dismay twelve hours into the project I realized I had not ordered enough magical paper.  Frantic I went to the site and luckily found my selection was a guarantee re-order.  New rolls arrived shortly and when the rolls arrived and task completed I gazed in amazement at what I accomplished.

Wanting to put my signature even further on my work I art I merrily cut apples, oranges, strawberries, and pears from the left-over paper adding to the design. Since completing this work of art I have never walked into my kitchen again without a smile. Perhaps now I may even cook or better yet wallpaper professionally.


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