Designer Sunglasses

I found a pair of designer sunglasses in an airport about a year ago. When I went to return them the gal at the desk sighed telling me if you like them, keep them. Apparently no one ever comes back or calls for these items. So, I kept them.

While these sunglasses were large, black, sexy and had movie star quality I was enamored with my Dollar Tree pinkies so I stashed the sexy ones in a drawer. When Flamingo (the pink sunglasses) got too scratched I decided to bid her adieu and began to use the sexy ones.

As I wore them I noticed they did not act as Flamingo had. While they were sexy and heads turned when I wore them, they fogged every time I donned them. I now know why my sexy designer sunglasses were left in the airport. They came without windshield wipers.

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