A Day Without Trump is a Day With Sunshine

As I travel through Thailand I see many billboard pictures of the king and his family. He’s not smiling in the land of smiles and I wish he was. He’s quite handsome and would look even better if he smiled. Someone should let him know. Perhaps he’ll read this post. Ha! Ha!

I digress.. Americans we see our president quite frequently, he’s ubitquious. Of course, that goes with the territory as he was and sadly remains a sort of fake news/reality TV star even though he is the leader of the free world. Maybe someone should tell him that.

It would be easier dealing with him if he was still a TV star. In that way we’d only have to see him once a week because quite frankly I get sick of looking at him.

I’d like a day where he’s totally blocked from the news or better yet one day a week. I think that’s only fair as Americans and the whole world is sick of him and the craziness from his tweets.

This is something that needs to be said and hope you get a laugh from it. If you like what’s said it’s Kathleen and if you don’t it’s still Kathleen.

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