Saving Energy

Ever since I was in second grade at West Albany Elementary School in Colonie, N.Y.  I have been conscious of the need to save energy.  It was during this time that we all banded together to flip the light switch constantly while our teacher was speaking with the principal in the hallway.

Principal Tebane was a gentle man of Italian decent and rarely raised his voice or eyebrow.  Upon seeing these flashes, he returned our teacher to the room and gave us all a stern talk on the use of energy.  Most of us thought our parents would be billed for our prank by the time the talk ended.

Fast forward to the 21st century as I continue to be an energy saver.  I have researched everything on energy saving and read all I can about it.  I delight in the Florida Power and Light emails (yes, someone reads these), and try to incorporate their ideas into my home.

I am unsure if everyone knows this but if you leave an appliance plugged in constant energy runs through the cord thus costing money.  Therefore, since energy is money I unplug the microwave and printer after each use, and leave only certain lamps plugged in the wall.  I consider this a reward as the more I do this the more money I save thereby giving be more money for travel.  I’m planning a Northern Europe cruise as my next venture, guess I’ll have to start using flashlights.

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