Insurance Changes


After Hurricane Matthew I had to change insurances. While no damage to my condo occurred, the insurance doubled. Also, since the car insurance was with the same insurer I lost my multi-package discount.

In my search, I discovered a new way to find insurance by using an insurance broker. Christine was a delight to work with and the process easy.  I never even had to speak with her as it was all done via email and on line.

She found me a condo policy where I was paying the same premium as before.  I never heard of the place but their logo is an elephant with a trunk raised and since elephants are a good Feng Shui omen I took it as a sign and eagerly signed up.

The car insurance rate was equally as good but it had a caveat that if I wanted the good driver’s rate I had to use their beeper for the duration of the first premium. This duration was six months.

When I received the gadget in the mail I dutifully installed in under the wheel. This was no easy feat and I began to think unkindly toward the company. I read all the information associated with the gadget and knew I would be monitored for hard stops.  In order to achieve the good driver rate it was key to have minimal or no hard stops. The little voice in my head began to alarm as I thought of driving amongst all the St. Augustine tourists who are lost and potential sudden stops would occur.

As fate would have it the little voice was correct and besides hard stops if I didn’t decelerate within 10 car lengths of a stop sign or light I received a beep.  What began as a game had become a migraine headache.  Driving became a personal hell in my attempt to not hear a beep.

On my first day driving a squirrel appeared out of nowhere and I had to decide do I kill it or get a beep?  For those squirrel lovers, I chose the latter. I never did figure out how to stop the beeps.  Even when I decelerated appropriately a beep occurred.

At the end of my time with the beeper I lost all faith in the insurance company and of course my good driving discount did not continue.  When I received a quote $20 less than the beeper insurance company I took it. I gratefully repackaged the sucker placed it in the mail and thanked God that Liberty Mutual gave me a better quote.


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