Beer Etiquette

Jimmy is the maintenance man at my condo.  He has a southern drawl, is easy on the eyes and though he doesn’t know it has given me many tips on how to live southern.  As an aside, Donna please do not be concerned I am not after him.

This morning as I left the condo Jimmy walked by and we chatted.  Jimmy loves to chat and I enjoy our conversations.  He told me once again our sprinkler system had broken and he would have to dig up the tubing.  This is a big job and since our condos are over 50 years old they, like humans have things that break.  Since he leaves at noon I told him to go home and have a beer to forget it.

Unsure what I did wrong I noted Jimmy’s chagrin.   He laughed and said let me tell you how it goes with beer.  You don’t drink if you are going to work and only after 5 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Sunday being the exclusion.  I had been educated as I wondered about my fellow neighbors since I am not a drinker except for the occasional 3 ounces of Merlot deemed for health reasons.

Concluding our conversation Jimmy drove off in his golf cart laughing saying, “Now you know Beer Etiquette.”  Another southern lesson learned.

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