I miss David Letterman


I miss David Letterman.  Where is he?  While I never was able to catch him when healthy in those years of pain he was the guy I turned to.  He made me laugh through the pain.  He was always there for me.  In fact, I made sure to pay him homage and in one of his last shows I was able to get tickets.

The main event of the show was Bill Murray.  My seat was close to the stage so they removed me several times as Bill was considering a prank where he would rise from the audience.  The prank changed and Bill ended up riding around the block on a mini bike.  It was hilarious.

In the end, I was able to maintain my close seat to the stage and had a bird’s eye view. Dave came out before the show and took questions telling us how he and Paul had entertained the troops until they came under attack and revealed other personal items.  Who knew?

Dave was always such a sharp dresser and knew how to laugh at himself.  When he did good he kept it to himself, but when he did bad man he confessed from his desk to the world.  I was unable to catch his famous chat where he told all of us he was leaving the show, but when I did, I cried.

I understand he’s bought a home in Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard and has grown a beard. Since Steve Martin and Martin Short are doing a tour perhaps Dave could join them and when in Florida and ask me to stop by.  Gosh, I miss those animal tricks and what did he actually say to those scantily dressed size zero starlets when he whispered in their ears?   We’ll probably never know..

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