Fighting with The Font

Once again I am at war with the font.  Each day when I turn on the computer I view on the Word screen headings Calibri Light in one box and 11 in the other.  Now I like Calibri Light 11 but my passion has always been Arial 12.  I am used to Arial 12 and have used her for years. I call her her because she must be a girl with that name.

This morning as I attempt to change fonts I receive a message Control+Shift+F.  While I have learned something new I don’t want to use this information.  I want to simply have the arrow scroll down and receive the list of fonts.

I become frustrated as I am unable to get the scroll down list as I attempt again.  I think, what is this?  Then I think there must have been an update and that is why I can no longer do this function.  In my next click on the menu box I receive another message – cut and paste.  I sit back, breathe and after breathing receive the list.

I tell the font it better watch out as Andrea (my GPS) learned her lesson.  I’ll find voice technology and that will be the end of it.

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