Mustard Pickles

I love mustard pickles, however, they are difficult to find.  The best ones were from a Village in Massachusetts, but they no longer stock them. It has become a quest for me as I madly search every gift shop and flea market I visit.

I was at a flea market in Florida which will remain nameless and they carried them.  The charming lady brought me over to the barrel and gave me a taste. They were awful, perhaps the worst I have ever tasted, but what do you say?  I told her they were different, which they were, and bought a bag of sweet gherkins.

When I ask people who sell pickles they always give me a look.  They have never experienced the joy of these delights and I can tell they will not contemplate creating them for me as they consider it a one sale item.  However, I think mustard pickles have a market and I am thinking maybe we could have a mustard pickle festival.  They have festivals for pies and it would certainly be less caloric.

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