I want to meet Warren Buffet

July 4th, 2017

Happy Independence Day everyone!  I’ve been reflecting on my next career move and quite frankly, I want to meet Warren Buffett as I think he has the recipe.  Since I saw the man with Bill Gates at a Columbia University interview several years ago I’ve been smitten.  Smitten not in the love sense but smitten that someone in their 80’s still has the passion to get up every day and go to work doing something they love.  I am jealous.

Whenever I hear of a Warren Buffet interview I seek it out.  I was grossly disappointed having missed the PBS special on he and his family but I’ll get ahold of that somehow.  What makes him tick and where can I find the same?  Is it too late at 61, well, 60 as I have one more month reprieve and as a footnote I share my birthday with Barack Obama. 😊.

But back to Warren and I know you are all thinking it’s about the money, but actually it’s not.  I am okay because I use coupons, Amazon points and shop at Aldi’s and the Dollar Tree.  Actually, Warren and I have something in common there as on my last plane ride I listened to an interview with Melinda Gates and she said Warren used coupons when they ate at McDonald’s in China.

This past week I saw him on PBS News with Judi Woodruff at a furniture store he owns.  He gave her the tour and the interview was interesting and fun.  That’s another thing about Warren he laughs and calls it like it is.  He wasn’t afraid to talk about presidential bad moves.  Too bad he couldn’t run for president but why should he – he’s happy where he is.

Bottom line that is it.  The man is happy and enjoying life.  He still has a passion for his work and a purpose for jumping or maybe easing out of bed each day.  We need to bottle that potion and spray it on all of us.   Perhaps it’s contagious…


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