Condo Life on a Florida Golf Course


I live in a condo on a Florida golf course.  While it may sound posh and it is lovely, it comes with problems, that being the golfers. My sliding glass doors overlook the greens however there are a dozen large trees between my condo and the actual course. How these men, (and I say men as I have never seen a woman here), get the ball so far off course baffles me.

Some mornings as I walk past my sliding glass doors in my nightie I literally see men almost in my flower beds in hot pursuit of golf balls.  I am not concerned with my appearance as I could walk naked in front of them and they would not notice me.  They are on a mission to find “the ball.”

Thoughts of inviting them in for coffee have crossed my mind, but I refrain as I often hear such things as, “Great job, Charlie,” with grunting laughter and back slapping.  Since I am not familiar with golf lingo I assume this means Charlie has really messed up and don’t want to embarrass Charlie any further so I refrain from the coffee invite.

Their search begins as they depart the golf cart, then an itching of the head occurs. The next move is what I call circling the wagons as they walk in circles around the cart thinking the ball will magically appear or perhaps even jump from the ground into their hand. Another thing which amazes me is the length of time spent in search of the ball.  I have seen golfers spend as much as 15 minutes in their search.

The final move in this search and rescue attempt is climbing through the trees. From there no underbrush is safe and even kicking the dirt is commonplace. The last endeavor always puzzles me as I wonder do golf balls go underground?

Perhaps my most favorite move in watching these avid golf warriors occurred when the search was getting past the 15-minute stage and the Florida heat taking a toll on the duo. They had decided to make one final attempt and in that had split the territory.  Alas, one screamed and the prize was found.  The back slapping and elated chatter continued as they mounted the golf cart and returned to the greens.

I chuckled as I replayed what I had seen.  One of duo had pulled a ball from his pocket, tossed it on the grass and claimed the ball as found.

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