Enjoying the Moment

During one of my bleak early retirement days in Florida while working in my garden I left my screen door open. There were birds making all kinds of noise however I ignored them.  Upon completion of my duties I closed the door and sat in my lounger.

As I placed my feet on the lounger I noticed I had a guest in my patio enclosure.  A bright red cardinal had perched on my bike and was looking at me.  He began to sing me a song then flew around the enclosure.  It was magical experience.

Knowing he had completed his set I proceeded to open the screen door and he exited stage left.  He continued to sing outside and I tossed him several slices of bread.  As he sang the wife arrived.  They began to eat together. It was like a scene from a Disney movie.

Since that magical experience I have tried to recapture this occurrence.  I have attempted to time the tossing of the bread, watched for the cardinals, and shooed away the squirrels.  I am always amazed at what thieves the squirrels are and how they can take an entire slice of bread in their mouth running away with it.  There should be Olympics for this.

The one day the cardinal did appear the squirrels and the black birds who now arrive in flocks chased them away.  I eagerly ran out to rid the others so the cardinals could have their visit but I was unable.  Since this time, I have rarely seen them again but I continue to toss bread out to the birds daily.

I wish I could come up with a moral to this story.  Perhaps it is to treasure the magical moments, take the time to watch them unfold and enjoy them when you have them.

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