Munich City Tour

Interesting Character

Today was the official half day Munich City Tour. Started the day learning that our hotel was formerly on the grounds of a beer garden where Hitler gave frequent speeches. It was also one of the locations of a failed Hitler assassination of which there were 43. Fascinating fact.

Munich began in 1158 as a trading city and now has 1.5 million inhabitants. During WW II they had over 70 air raids therefore much of the City was rebuilt. Nazi buildings in the City were not bombed as their flat roofs had canvases with houses painted on them. From the skies it looked real therefore the buildings were not bombed. While destroying these buildings were considered after the War, they remain and have been repurposed.

Munich is a haven for museums as well as cultural events. During the war art was stored in local monasteries and castles so art museums are present. There are also scientific and historical museums as well.

Munich Opera House rebuilt after the War by local families.

And then there is beer. The city has 6 breweries and as stated previously no chemicals are allowed in the beer. In fact, it’s a law. Germans are quite serious about their beer.

Fun fact: Beer began as a medicinal drink with monks producing. Beer was cleaner than water at the time.

Let me close with a picture of the historic clock in the main square.

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