Salzburg, Austria

The Sound of Music movie and Salzburg are synonymous. Our guide started his tour in the fountain area where Maria and the children sang Doe A Deer and we did just that in the gloomy rain. And by the end of the tour no one felt wet. That’s what Salzburg does to you!

Then on to one of the exquisite churches..

With its interesting cemetery where a scene from The Sound of Music was shot.

Through the retail district with its intricate signs..

As well as the shops which sell Lederhosen, dirdnl, and Tracht.

And Mozart’s home of many years..

Then there were the Christmas decorations in our restaurant..

And after lunch a visit to the fortress..

Fortress Hohensalzburg sits high atop the City and is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. It dates from 1066 and though tram less on this day I took the trek and it was well worth the hike with its amazing city views.

interesting marionette museum, and


Ah, yes another European church and who would think in such a spot?

All in all a fabulous day in Salzburg…

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