Danube Views. Melk Abbey. Vienna Concert.

Sailing today included a stretch of the Danube known as the Wachau Valley. It is thought to be the most beautiful portion of the Danube with old world charm appearing on both river banks.

Also on the journey was a tour of the Melk Abbey. Here is the entrance.

Melk Abbey began as a castle given by Leopold II in 1089 to the Benedictine monks. Currently the 500 room Baroque style abbey is home to 40 monks, a school, and a library with an extensive collection of manuscripts.

Their 12 room library houses over 100,000 volumes of valuable books. The site is a Unesco World Treasure and has been undergoing renovation since 1975.

And here is a picture of the church’s main altar taken from one I purchased.

No words can describe.

Vienna Concert

After a day of such beauty what can be next? A Viennese concert with opera, ballet, and strings of course.

And what a way to end a beautiful day!

See you tomorrow.

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