Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is another interesting town along the Danube first settled by Celtics. It currently reigns as Slovakia’s capital and it’s culture, charm, and friendly citizens are alluring.

Our tour began in center square enjoying the architecture of this historic old town. Fortunately much of the 15th century architecture remains as Bratislava saw few bombings in the World War.

Dolls in Native Dress

While the town remained intact sadly 70,000 of its Jewish citizens went to concentration camps with 53,000 never returning. A beautiful memorial honors these citizens.

There currently are 4,000 Jews in Bratislava with one synagogue. Believe it or not, their rabbi hails from New Jersey.

Adjacent to the memorial is St. Martin’s Cathedral where 8 Hungarian Kings were coronated. Pictured below is the choir practicing for Christmas mass.

The town with its unique architecture has also been seen in the movie The Peacemaker starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney.

Photo by Edgar Colomba on

Shops sell local wines, honey, and Bratislava roll, a poppy seed filled pastry to die for.

Post tour in city square was a festival with music, food, and wine from local vineyards. Here I sampled the local fare of potato pancakes, sauerkraut, and chicken as well as several varieties of red wine. Delicious!

Slovakia wine is quite good and I particularly enjoyed the warmed red wine. Residents were friendly as I sat among them and listened to American music. The Beach Boys still rock in Slovakia as does jazz.

And we are not done..

Bratislava has an amazing castle which looms over the town. While it states closure is 5 they do not allow admission past 4, so arriving at 4:02 I was refused entry. However, the views were worth the hike and if you visit in spring and summer there are amazing gardens.

And this is the view you have…

This asymmetrical suspension bridge is the second of it’s kind in the world. The first is found in Maine, that being the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and I have seen that vision as well. Gee, I feel like I’ve won Double Jeopardy!

And here are some night pics from and of the Bridge.

This concludes the Bratislava tour. And to all the friendly folk living there..

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