NYC Adventure: Post Danube

On the way back from the Danube stopped in NYC for 2 days. Yes, I can never get enough of the Big Apple. Here’s some of the highlights from this jaunt starting with The Radio City Christmas Show.

Got a ticket for $46.00 via Put that on your list when looking for events. It’s a great venue and I’ve used it numerous times. I get no kickback only readers who will reap the same good prices.

On to the Rockettes! They were amazing in their candy cane outfits, dressed as elves, and as wooden soldiers. While the theater was filled with children one would never know as they were mesmerized by the activities on stage and therefore quiet.

Santa was the emcee of the show and there were many special effects with 3D glasses, trips to the North Pole, and the like. An especially cute spot was the Nutcracker portrayed in stuffed animals. For us older folk there were a few treasured Christmas carols sung and an ice skating venue.

Lastly, the show stopping living manger scene, always glorious and reverent. What an amazing way to start the holiday season.

Radio City Lobby… Swarovski Tree

Next… Gulliver’s Gate

This is a great place to bring kids as they will be thoroughly amused. Here the world is displayed in miniature. Nations are depicted as well as airports and mostly everything that moves. Volcanoes puff, helicopters fly, people dance, trucks drive, bridges raise, and ships sail all in these displays. Also, the displays can be viewed as a night or day.

Seeing is believing..

ASIA Taj in India, Cambodia, and Singapore.

EUROPE Italy, England, Paris, and Germany

Other Countries Brazil, Russia, and England’s famous bridge being raised.

Here’s one of the workshop think tanks.. And you can even have a miniature of yourself created at the venue.

One more day to go..

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