NYC: Day 2 Post Danube

Started the day at the Old St. Patrick’s Church in lower Manhattan. This church’s history starts with Irish immigrants, then Italian, and Chinese. Built over 200 years ago this church was the precursor to the massive St. Patrick’s of 5th Avenue.

The church cemetery was once the burial site of the venerated Pierre Toussant, a candidate for sainthood. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s former orphanage is adjacent to the church. Other highlights include Martin Scorsese as a former altar boy, the Godfather being filmed at the church, and Alec Baldwin’s wedding in 2012. But, the main reason for the tour was to view the church catacombs.

These are the only New York City catacombs open to the public. There are also catacombs in Greenwood Cemetery, however closed to the public.

While a bit eerie this was interesting to see. During this time the crypts were sealed as embalming was not done. And, if one can prove title to the church crypts they could potentially be entombed here. Any takers??

On to the show…

Walking back to the hotel Lincoln Center loomed large. While a Monday night in New York tends to be quiet Lincoln Center was alive with the Paul Taylor dancers performing. Securing a ticket I quickly took my seat.

Paul Taylor was one of the great progressive, modern dance choreographers of the 20th century. He founded his dance company in 1954 and created over 150 works. He left us in 2018, however his legacy and vision lives on.

The four dances conducted on this evening were an innovative and interesting frolic in the modern dance style. Pictures are not allowed but the memory of the evening lingers on.

And with that closure to my New York City adventure. See you tomorrow and keep dancing.

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