Things you see at a JFK TSA line

New TWA Hotel at JFK

I love to people watch so here’s some observations. Hope I make you laugh.

  • Coins on the floor from all different countries. Future savings for next trip??
  • An older man filling his carry on with 2 dozen Apple phones. Amazing, they all fit…
  • People discreetly fixing wedgies after being frisked.
  • Big brothers beating up little sisters as parents talk on their cell phones.
  • Neon socks so neon you need sunglasses.
  • Sniffing dogs.
  • Thin TSA staff.
  • Young TSA staff.
  • Friendly TSA staff.
  • Are you TSA staff’ed enough???
  • Young French teens with bags filled with Reese’s Cocoa Puffs.
  • People from Florida who don’t like Tr..
  • And let me end with one last TSA item – people who smile and thank TSA staff after being frisked then turn and roll their eyes..

Happy Flying …………….

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