Nazare and Sintra

Nazare is a popular seaside area in Portugal with a mild climate, natural beauty, and record breaking waves which attract surfers worldwide. While its roots may be in fishing it is fast becoming a tourism mecca. Having visited 5 years ago I noted the increase in buses to the area.

A wide variety of gift shops are available in Nazare as are pastry shops and restaurants.

Brought back to the States a large box of goodies from this store. The Best!

Portuguese can cook and bake like no other with their fish preparation tasty and unique. Stop, walk the beach, collect stones, and enjoy.


This resort town is also like no other, however, it is a resort of palaces and gardens. Near Lisbon the entire town is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Center. There are 10 palaces for viewing. Told of Sintra by a fellow tourist I was unaware of the time table needed for the visit. Arriving late in the day I was only able to take in The National Palace of Sintra.

The Palace of Gothic design was the medieval royal residence of Portugal from the 15th to the late 19th century. The last of the monarchy had an apartment in this Palace. It is well preserved and worth the visit.


A Medieval Kitchen

To effectively capture the Sintra mystique I recommend reviewing web sites prior to visit and decide which palaces call to you. Also, consider the available palace gardens in your review as they are pristine and exquisite.

Many tours are available and for those uncomfortable with driving on narrow, treacherous roads I recommend this route.

Post visit make time for the gift shops as they have a different variety of wares.

Walk the roads around the castles and take in what a magical site Sintra is.

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