St Augustine: Daytime Visit Flagler College Kitchen and Dining Room Community Open House: Eco-Friendly

Today marked the community open house for the Flagler College kitchen and dining room renovation. While to some this may sound like small potatoes, (pardon the pun), to renovate a dining room encompassed in priceless stained glass Tiffany windows was no easy feat. All this was completed over summer break.

The dining room now has a food court with rotating menus from countries round the world. They also have deli and food service available for vegans, gluten free, and those with dietary preferences. These students make up 26% of the student population.

One of the main attractions to the renovation was the food digester. Everyday 200 pounds of food waste bound for the landfill goes down the drain. The digester makes this waste liquid even venting the methane gas, a by-product of the process. By 2025, 50% of food headed for the landfill will be eliminated by the digester. Currently the college is at 23% of goal. Cooking oil is also recycled and changed to a biodiesel.

The Digester – black piece middle of picture

Recyclable plastics made of a 50/50 construction of corn and plastics are currently being used in the kitchen and all paper products are compostable. Straws have been eliminated. To ensure students are aware of this eco-friendly environment training sessions are given three times a year.

Main kitchen

Student provide 25% of the kitchen labor with part time schedules of 12 to 15 hours per week. Schoolwork is always the priority.

Allergen free kitchen area

So final question… While the kitchen promotes vegan and salad bar entrees, what do you think the students favorite fare is?

Chicken nuggets

Guess Ronald McDonald won this one!

More pics of the dining room and later tonight.. the Christmas lights of St. A.

The dining room is also available for weddings.

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