Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge: What a Combo!

Upon returning from the Louvre the Montmartre neighborhood beckoned. Staying on 5 rue Tholoze, at the Hotel des arts, was a relaxing experience. The hotel is newly renovated and lovely. No compensation received..

Christmas lights in the area

Beyond the hotel were many stores, outside cafes, Christmas markets with hot mulled wine, and award winning pastry shops. This area was a sanctuary for artists with Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Piet Mondrian, and Pablo Picasso having studios here.

Typical cafe in the Montmartre area

The Sacre Coeur, or Sacred Heart, looms above. She is the glory of the mount. Montmartre translated is mountain of the martyr and it was on this spot St. Denis was decapitated in 250 A.D. He was the first Bishop of France and patron saint.

The Main Altar of the Church

The basement of the Church has an interesting exhibit area.

Adjacent to Sacre Coeur is Eglise St. Pierre de Montmartre. This Church dates from 1147 and is serene. It houses a relic of St. Therese of Liseux, a Doctor of the Church, and patron saint of AIDS sufferers, florists, and missionaries. If you seek an intimate and spiritual visit stop here.

On to Moulin Rouge..

Street View

Moulin Rouge, or Red Mill, was opened in 1889 through the efforts of 2 businessmen looking for a venue for the rich to have fun. Starting with champagne filled parties the tradition continues. The 600,000 annual visitors experience 80 dancers in one of two nightly shows performed 365 days a year as they sip their champagne.

It was here that Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec displayed their paintings. Toulouse, a regular visitor, made posters of the dance. Posters are displayed prominently throughout the building and seen later in the blog.

Main Seating. No pictures are allowed of the performance.

The show was beyond expectations. Dancers danced to themes from Russia, to circus themes with clowns, to Indian, Chinese, Thailand, Spanish, and American dance. Dancers flew from the ceiling in circular balls, and there was an underwater performance with a swimming pool on the stage. Clothing was stripped off quickly with bare breasts exposed in abundance, so be prepared for folly!

And between the dancing snake charmers, jugglers, and acrobats performed.

The show lasted 2 hours and while in the 100 euro range it is a must see. You will never forget it .

There are also dinner options.

And while songs accompanying dance are mainly in French they are familiar and understandable.

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