I Miss Joan Rivers

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Over the holidays heard the last interview PBS did with Joan Rivers. She was her usual funny and direct self, pulling no punches. I miss her humor, and honesty. Don’t you? I recall when I saw her several years ago in a New York City venue, all in the room were fare game and boy did she have energy.

We need to find another older gal who doesn’t give a sh-t and calls it like it is.

Any takers?


Last night I had a dream about a former person in my life. I got to wondering if this individual was happy. Then I started thinking, “Am I happy?,” Well, to get the answer I checked the root of the word. And where do you go for this information?

Auntie Google

According to her, and a few citations from on-line dictionaries, happiness is defined as satisfied, gratified, fulfilled, and content. Nice to know, and the next time I am unsure I know where to look.

Are you happy?

Something to ponder.

Extra Vegetables


In my quest to increase my vegetable consumption I have discovered vegetable meatballs. It came quite by accident as I tired of looking at the veggie burgers in my freezer. It’s not that I don’t like veggie burgers rather there was a good sale and I purchased way too many of them and needed a new creation for my palate.

I defrosted the veggie burgers threw in an egg and combined them into little balls. After tossing them into a crock pot filled with pasta sauce, {or as the Bronx Italians call it – “gravy”’}, they were sublime.  I placed this delicious fare over a bowl full of angel pasta.

Perhaps the angels work enhanced this fare? Regardless, give it a try and see what your little cherubs think of it. Maybe it will even bring them back to the faith.

Bumper Sticker Laugh

While I attempt to stay non-political, and believe me it’s hard, every so often I depart from this policy.  After seeing this bumper sticker I  feel compelled to share it.

You elect a clown, you get a circus

It’s a crazy world we live in and we need a break before we have a break- a mental one.  All this twitter stuff is affecting everyone’s mental health and while the only way to silence a bully is to ignore them, we need to keep tabs on the news as we need to know what He’s doing.

But, perhaps we could have Twitter close his account one day a week?  I know many share my sentiments.  Anyone who feels the same let me know.  Perhaps we can start a campaign – a good one.  America has always been great and we deserve some calm and peace in our government and who knows maybe this would restore some civility?

Frogs on The Doorstep

Since I moved to my new first floor condo I have become acquainted with frogs. They are everywhere around this community and I enjoy watching them. The babies are very small so I am careful where I walk as I want to stay on good terms with them.

At night they are out in droves and when I walk from the condo club house they are sprinkled over the concrete sidewalk. Often as I get to my door they appear in front of me and I talk to them and their offspring. We have bonded.

Lately I have found the red silk geraniums in my front door clay pots overturned. This was a new phenomenon. Always a handywoman I purchased super glue gel and adhered the glue to the bottom of the 2-inch clay pots cementing the pots to the doorway floor.

Much to my surprise the following morning the pots were intact but the flowers disturbed. This called for future detective work but I shrugged it off and forgot about it. Senior moment.

On the third morning as I left I gazed down at the geranium pot and discovered a frog was sleeping in the silk geranium. The mystery was solved.

Ice Cubes in the Garden

The sprinkler system wasn’t working when I moved to this condo. This is a big concern in a Florida condo community. After much work on this 50-year-old babe she began to function within a week.

Sadly, Babe broke down again, but I have found another way to water. I no longer drag buckets of water to my plants, I ice them, and let the Florida sunshine do the rest. So, now when Babe gets testy and breaks down I happily remove my expansive ice tray from the freezer and ice the garden.

This makes the garden and me happy as it continues to grow.

Yoga and Card Playing Gibberish

After three years of health problems I was able to resume yoga again. The teacher is amazing and the ability to do a modified downward facing dog has filled me with joy.  All those Yogis out there will understand.  Namaste.

I was invited to lunch for the teacher after practice.  Grateful to be breaking in to Florida society I attended.  I watched everything I said and had a delightful time. Ordered the wrong dish but even though it tasted poorly told everyone it was “DELICIOUS!”  While there I was invited to cards the following week at the senior center.  Life was picking up.

Arriving at the senior center the following week I felt momentary terror.  Once again, I would have to give my name, where I was from and a short bio on what ailment caused me to retire so young.  For those unaware of senior life and having the good fortune of still working this is similar to the thirty second elevator speech used to capture an employer’s interest in an effort to acquire a job.

Inevitably once my speech is begun and I reveal I am a nurse my oration ends in 5 seconds and the other party begins to bemoan every health problem since birth.  Since I am a nurse and trained in empathetic techniques I listen and wonder why am I doing this as a freebie to acquire friends. Hence, I’ve pondered using different occupations perhaps Walmart greeter or tree surgeon?

Upon completion of this portion of the event we begin to discuss how to play cards with the extra person, that being “me.”  As this discussion proceeds I think, “Hello I am in the room,” but remain silent.  Decision completed, the ladies becomes tolerant of me in a friendly way and I concentrate on losing in an effort to avoid insulting anyone.

As I discuss my attempt at a clutter clearing business I am told how could I clear clutter when I splay my cards as I do.  Then there are other little comments and I realize I need to check my conversation style and listen rather than reveal.

Upon departure from the event I decide my tenure as a card player has ended however I will continue to enjoy my modified downward facing dog and seek another venue for my early retirement. Any ideas?  I’m game.  😊

Welcome home, Meghan, and we love you, Harry…

After listening to the British press speak of these two I realize they are off mark. There is a reason they are stepping back and not because they are bored. I believe more is going on than reported and perhaps Meghan’s security is at risk?. In interviews and letters to the press Harry has penned he repeatedly has expressed this concern.

One day quite by accident I fell into one of these crazy UK sites where Meghan was being demeaned. It was a woman who was dressed in feathers stating many untruths about our American. As I read I became angered, however, laughed to myself thinking she looks like a bird and must have a brain about that size. The only unfortunate thing is people listen to this “stuff,” and believe it.

So, once again welcome home Meghan, and we love you Harry.

Flagler Hotel now Flagler College

Henry Flagler put St. Augustine on the map. With his Flagler Hotel in 1888 he attracted the rich and famous to spend their winters in his opulent hotel which held a ball room, an elaborate dining room with orchestras playing as you ate, a swimming pool, bowling alley, and movie studio. All this for $100,000. for a 3 1/2 month stay. (This equates to $4 million in today’s currency).

As couples entered the Hotel they past the opulent gates and through a courtyard with a fountain spewing filtered water. It is a sundial with 12 frogs to designate the hours, and 4 turtles for seasons.

A gentleman would then open the door for the couple with the lady escorted to the ballroom to rest and have tea while her husband tended the cash payment for the stay.

Upon completion of arrangements patrons would be accompanied to their rooms with bags unpacked by one of the many servants who catered to their every whim.

As Mr. Flagler was a personal friend of Thomas Edison his Hotel was one of the first buildings electrified in the country. This was done with DC current and exploding light bulbs were a concern. Guests became fearful so staff were always in attendance to shut lights on and off until the Hotel was later rewired to AC current.

Chandelier with a clock designed by Thomas Edison in the background.

The Hotel is has one of the largest collection of Tiffany windows, glass, sculptures, and chandeliers, much of which is priceless.

It is a unique work of art and while it is now a dorm for freshman female Flagler students it remains flawlessly maintained.

In 1967 after Hotel closure the City of St. Augustine had decided to tear down the structure and make a parking lot. A distant nephew of Henry purchased the structure and made it into a female college. In 1971 men were allowed and as of today there are 2600 students taking coursework in 50 majors. Tuition is approximately $30,000. annually.

So, on your visit to St. Augustine be sure to stop by and take the tour. It’s one you will never forget.

Thanks, Henry for putting St. Augustine on the map.

I love Other People’s Dogs

Leaving this morning on a short trip I caught a glimpse of my neighbor’s dog.  I waved, looked at the dog, smiled and he smiled back.  His name is Venice and a golden retriever, I never understood why an orange dog is called golden but he is.

I love other people’s dogs.  I can pet them, rub them behind their ears, sometimes give them treats but always give them love.  Dog is God spelled backward and their unconditional love is beyond compare.

I had a dog once and her name was Precious.  She was a twelve-pound Bichon Frise and the love of my life.  She lived fourteen years and my daughter often said I loved the dog more than her and during the teen years that surely was possible.

Precious was the cutest thing you ever wanted to see.  This little white ball of fur and I were inseparable. I always felt bad when I had to leave her. She would hide under the bed whenever the suitcases came out.  I knew life without me was difficult for her.

Which brings me to why I haven’t gotten another dog.  I simply love to travel and know I would never travel if I had a dog.  I am destined to continue loving other people’s dogs and traveling.

Caveat:  Found out Venice is an Irish Setter.  Need a fact checker here.  🙂