My Lourdes Message

Several months ago when I decided to go to Paris thoughts of a side trip to Lourdes occurred. For years I had been giving folks the Lourdes water and seeing amazing things happen. It was time to pay my respects.

In checking web sites I found the trip long and expensive. Frustrated I said, “Mary, if you want me to visit, figure it out,” and went to bed. In the morning I woke and switched on my email. Priceline, which I never use as I am an Expedia gal, was my first email letting me know there was a $100 round trip flight from Orly to Lourdes. The next email was from Expedia stating I had enough points for a room at a villa in Lourdes. Taking this as a sign I booked.

Later I was told there was a high speed train available out of Paris to Lourdes. While I would have preferred the train I was already booked. As I boarded the plane to Lourdes I heard even the high speed trains were cancelled during the strike. I think I have found the ultimate travel agent.

When I relayed this story to my gal pal at the post office she said, “I guess she wanted you to come,” and that she did.

My New Travel Agent 1-800-BVM

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