Venardos Circus

learned of this St. Augustine event via Groupon and glad I did as it made for a fun New Years Day. The master of ceremonies was a young man, as is the troop, and he explained 3 years ago St. Augustine gave them one of their first breaks, and now they are a touring nationally. They are at the St. Augustine Auditorium through 1/5/20, so pick up a ticket if in the area. I am posting this extra blog in the hopes folks will, especially those with holiday visitors.

The circus began with a show tune extravaganza followed by a gal who twirled over 10 hula hoops on her 4 extremities.

Then there was fire-eating..

And a aerialist team who thrilled.

Followed by audience participation with ringing bells.

And my favorite the silks.

What a great venue for Florida seniors to bring their kids with kids for the holidays.

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