San Antonio: The Alamo and Beyond

Alamo Monument

San Antonio is a beautiful city with much culture. In my review of June 15, 2019, the visit to the Alamo was omitted due to time constraints so here it is..

The Alamo

Interesting history with origins as a Spanish Mission then a period of dormancy with eventually the area becoming, “The Alamo.” Here US migrants and Mexicans lived growing a community of 3,000 to 30,000 in 5 years. A fight ensued over whether this was a Mexican or US territory. There was a Texas Revolution, with Mexican surrender, however the Mexican general returned with 6000 soldiers and 150 rebels fought to the end, with one of them David Crockett, former Tennessee senator.

David Crockett

All were executed except women and children by the Spanish with bodies being burned. From this battle comes the slogan, “Remember the Alamo,” and with more fighting Texas is born eventually joining the US. Quite a story. Hope I got it right out of respect for those who fought.

Tribute to the women and children of the Alamo.

On a lighter note across the way from the Alamo is the Menger Hotel. This historic hotel is a must see and visit on your San Antonio tour. They even have an interesting ghost tour.

Then outside the Menger are horse drawn carriages.

Last but not least, the River Walk, which is a short walk from the Alamo area. There are signs which makes the River Walk easy to find and entrances are at several locations. What a fun place, make sure you take the boat ride, and stop at one of the many restaurants for a drink and some music.

And let’s end with a Cinderella carriage ride…

See you tomorrow in Austin!

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