Frogs on The Doorstep

Since I moved to my new first floor condo I have become acquainted with frogs. They are everywhere around this community and I enjoy watching them. The babies are very small so I am careful where I walk as I want to stay on good terms with them.

At night they are out in droves and when I walk from the condo club house they are sprinkled over the concrete sidewalk. Often as I get to my door they appear in front of me and I talk to them and their offspring. We have bonded.

Lately I have found the red silk geraniums in my front door clay pots overturned. This was a new phenomenon. Always a handywoman I purchased super glue gel and adhered the glue to the bottom of the 2-inch clay pots cementing the pots to the doorway floor.

Much to my surprise the following morning the pots were intact but the flowers disturbed. This called for future detective work but I shrugged it off and forgot about it. Senior moment.

On the third morning as I left I gazed down at the geranium pot and discovered a frog was sleeping in the silk geranium. The mystery was solved.

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