Bumper Sticker Laugh

While I attempt to stay non-political, and believe me it’s hard, every so often I depart from this policy.  After seeing this bumper sticker I  feel compelled to share it.

You elect a clown, you get a circus

It’s a crazy world we live in and we need a break before we have a break- a mental one.  All this twitter stuff is affecting everyone’s mental health and while the only way to silence a bully is to ignore them, we need to keep tabs on the news as we need to know what He’s doing.

But, perhaps we could have Twitter close his account one day a week?  I know many share my sentiments.  Anyone who feels the same let me know.  Perhaps we can start a campaign – a good one.  America has always been great and we deserve some calm and peace in our government and who knows maybe this would restore some civility?

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