Broken Chair

I enjoy going to the condo club house and using their Wi-Fi. At first it was because I saved $79.95 a month but then I realized it had become another daily senior event.

When I walk to the club house I always see Jimmy on my way and get a hello. Then upon arrival at my “office” as Sam has nicknamed it, I open my computer on the community condo desk and get to work. While it is a community office I like to think of it as my own.

I particularly like my office as I have a nearby bathroom, good lighting and of course the desk. But the thing I liked best was my office chair. It was a black leather, high back executive office chair and today I broke it. As I turned to pick up a paper I found myself on the floor. The metal shaft of the chairs seat had split in half. Sam replaced it with a metal folding chair but my office is no longer the same.

I feel great remorse in this loss and now have moved to the condo couch, a much more comfortable spot but as I look at my desk I long to sit there. I am concerned that my event will be an agenda item for the next condo meeting. I hope by then I’ve lost those last 15 pounds.

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