Trac Fone


In 2007, I discovered Trac Fone.  For those unfamiliar, these are the throw away gems that police shows talk endlessly about as criminals use them in their nefarious deeds.

Actually, I found them in a much less criminal way.  I was in the Dollar General of Oneonta, New York and a 70ish man was using the offender.   In my curiosity, he began to espouse the wonders of the small 1 ½ by 3-inch device and I was hooked.  He even explained how to install it giving me the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts.  I was in love.

I promptly purchased one for the enormous sum of $20 and began my installation. While it didn’t go with ease as he explained, since I am not tech savvy, it was up and running after several hours.

Elated that I had entered the 21st century my Trac Fone went with me wherever I went.  When I had problems, I called the Indian staff at Trac Fone and always got great personal service.  The times I lost the phone or dropped it in a puddle I merrily ran to Walgreen’s, CVS or Walmart’s to purchase another and transfer the number.

Then came the advancement of technology and I was told by a millennium to purchase an Android.  The Android is nice and has many services but after 2 years I still am unsure how to answer it and frequently call people when actually I haven’t.

When I ask millenniums, they take the device fix it and return it to me but they have went so fast I simply don’t know what they’ve done. I also have taken library classes but quite frankly sometimes no one knows how to fix my concerns.

Since Dylan, my 19-year-old Microsoft Certified guru moved to San Antonia I have been up the creek. While Dylan shook his head at times he enjoyed the challenge and always came up with an answer.  Bill Gates needs to hire him and have him marry into the family.  I believe Bill Gates has daughter his age. Dylan is an amazing young man and when I meet Warren Buffet I’ll give him Dylan’s business card.

I am with the cell phone carrier voted #1 by Money Magazine.  They have a site where fellow Android owners help you and FAQs, (frequently asked questions), but to this day I haven’t found their phone number.

So, I remain with two phones. My trusty Trac Fone remains number one and while I lack three phones the Android has become the middle child. I send love messages to the Android in an attempt to keep it happy but deep in its computer chip mind I’m sure he or she knows he’s not the most loved.  Oh, the middle child syndrome.

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