Cruisin’: Tidbits I Forgot

Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Hallways are long. Pay attention to art work for ease in finding your way “home.”
Who could forget this picture?
  • Cabin attendants are wonderful and have all the answers. They accept extra tips and if a shoe breaks or clothes don’t fit anymore, there are loads of clothes left by former guests. Attendants usually give a business card with their name as soon as you enter the cabin.
  • Some cruise ships allow wine, one bottle, and water to be brought on the ship. Check with the cruise line.
Check if there is a corking fee.. The metal detector allows you to bring on a corkscrew.
  • Ships are sparkly clean but protect yourself with frequent use of hand sanitizer. They are available everywhere.
  • Pack a carry on with swim suit, change of clothes, medicine. If you have the ship take your baggage it won’t arrive till late afternoon and if said previously it bears repeating..
  • Caffeine sensitive – bring your own teabags and watch the decaf coffee consumption.
  • Bring a stash of otc’s and the like.
  • If offered, take the health insurance plan. A fellow passenger paid $900 in ship infirmary costs for pink eye.

All aboard!

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