Cruisin’: What to Do on the Ship

The Ship is a City on to itself, a luxury home away from home with almost every amenity available. Here’s some of what is in store:

  • Food – available 24 hours a day at fine restaurants both free and specialized at a cost, cafeteria style, bars with food… Plan on gaining at least 5 to 7 pounds depending on cruise length.
Fine Restaurants
  • And did I mention room service also?? Some items are free depending on time of day and other specifications..
  • Bars – for every need from sports bars, to Irish pubs, bars on deck, karaoke, discos, and even places for quiet conversation..
  • Musical Venues – at every bar and in hallways as you walk through the ship.
  • Health Spa Services – from hair to massage to exercise equipment to specialized treatments like acupuncture are available on the ship. Often the ship doc gives lectures. Check your daily newsletter for the the info as well as spa specials.
Table on board with staff who can explain available services.
  • Did I say Bingo?????????? Many prizes and much fun. Great way to meet folks.
  • Casino
This and certain decks are the only places where smoking is allowed. Sadly, this limits many who wish to participate.
  • Art Auctions – while pricey go and attend as free 8 x 10 prints are often given for attending, as well as appetizers.
  • Single Venues – some ships have single cabins and all have single meet and greets. Nice way to meet someone to go to dinner with or on an off ship excursion. There are also meet and greets for LGBQT folks, those wishing to maintain sobriety, (Bill W meetings), and bar/disco single get togethers based on age.
  • Library -borrow a book or play a game of Scrabble or cards. These spots afford an elegant, quiet, comfortable place usually with good ocean views.
  • Evening on deck movies – nightly with current movies played.
  • Comedians – family friendly in the early evening with adult humor for late night shows.

Evening Song and Dance Performances – usually two per evening, well done and entertaining.

  • Family Events for kids..
  • Shopping – all Duty Free with some great gift ideas.
  • Formal Pictures – many groups take advantage of this service. So, bring your best smile if interested.

And once again…

Bottom line… Take advantage of all. So much to do, so little time.


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