Cruisin’: Actual Cruise Day 1

After the ship tour plans were quickly formulated for this 4 day Nassau cruise. Muster time came while enjoying a bit of sun, and the jacuzzi.

Muster is taken seriously by all crew on the ship and it should be. During this drill instructions are given on where to go in case of emergency and life jacket application is demonstrated. This is a must.

Once muster obligations were completed the pool side Welcome Party continued with cruise recreation staff introductions made. As the wild dancing, and loud music continued I sought a quieter fare, the Art Gallery reception.

Then to the cabins where luggage had arrived. This cruise line had an interesting way to receive your cruise card. Life is impossible without this multi-purpose card which does everything from open doors to charge drinks.

The card was located in a mailbox next to the cabin door. It was in a sealed envelope. What an interesting way to do this. And for those who loose things easily lanyards were available throughout the ship.

Next was free liquor tasting. Cups filled with a teaspoon of liquor were distributed to the 100 passenger long line. The liquor is reasonably priced and a find for future gifts. Purchase is done at the tasting with pick up the last day of the cruise prior to departure.

Since dinner was assigned at 8:15 pm time was available for taking in music at several of the ship bars. As I am not a late diner the dining room manager changed my dining time for an earlier time the following days. Should you have any dining room problems always ask this individual for assist.

Dinner was beyond delicious with multiple appetizers selected in lieu of a main course and dessert. The dining room is always eager to please and what you wish to order and the number of orders requested is never questioned. In fact it is encouraged.

Post dinner was a short welcome show in the main theater with an orientation by the cruise director. The cruise director handles the events and fun things which take place on the ship. He or she usually reigns from a far reaching country but always speaks amazing English as does all the cruise staff. For 3,500 guests there were 1,600 cruise staff from 51 countries.

Next late night adult humor of Joan Rivers caliber done by 2 very different middle aged American males, one a Texan, and the other a Miami guy. Extremely offensive but hilarious – white, black, sex, but no politics was the fare. And as the emcee said this is what it is, don’t stay if you are offended. Well put, as we need to laugh at ourselves to get through this.

Think the funniest joke was when the comedian asked a carmel colored gal where she was from. She stated, “Morocco.” He then asked, “Who’s minding the 7-11?” She replied, “My dad.” If only my cellphone was ready for a picture of that comedian’s face. I believe this is called, “Priceless.”

Then an evening stroll on deck and bed.

Stay tuned.

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