Cruisin’: Actual Cruise Day 2

Started the day late. Seas were rough and the drunkin’ sailor bachelors in the cabin across the hall came in loudly at 1 a.m., 2 a.m., and 3 a.m. Gave them at 9 a.m. payback by screaming comments in the hallway to my imaginary husband. “Hey, Harry are you coming?,” followed by another round of the same a few moments later. Oddly, it worked as there was no further offensive middle of the night wake ups from that cabin the remainder of the cruise.

Shortly after yelling at my “husband” an announcement occurred regarding a hop on, hop off bus tour with limited seating for $30. I ran to the Excursion Desk and purchased my ticket as I had heard cabs cost $25. once you placed your toe in them. This was a deal.

Left the ship at the designated time bringing passport, boat card, and drivers license. During the wait for the vehicle I inquired at the information desk about Ardastra Garden, Zoo, and Conversation Centre. I was told this venue was a short walk from a hop on, hop off stop which piqued my interest.

The bus had 4 stops and a sheet listing locations with pick up times was given. Our first stop was the Atlantis Hotel. Many departed here to gamble and shop. Not for me, but check it out and let me know what I missed 🙂 .

Next was Fort Fincastel. This 17th century castle had a $3 tour which was limited, save your money. However, the Castle did afford good views of the harbor and the local vendors had a nice cache of souvenirs.

Here’s my purchase. Isn’t she a cutie?

The historic Queen’s Staircase is located at this site.

Next was Graycliff, a historic area with a hotel, museum, candy store, cigar factory, and wine tasting room. Check out the pictures..

The Museum

Cigars cost from $11 to $33 each at the factory. There is also an on site smoking room on the property.

Wine Tasting Room – tasty and reasonably priced. Grapes are imported.

And some shots of the lovely hotel..

Welcoming Statute
And a close up of the tree, oh my gosh is that wine bottles???
Piano area
Elegant Dining Rooms

Then the pool and gardens…

And I came upon a wedding..

Nice way to end the visit..

More tomorrow at Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre.

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