Ardasta Gardens, Zoo, & Conservation Centre

Returned to the bus and made my way to Fish Fry, the fourth and last stop of the route. This stop held the tastiest fish restaurants of Nassau, a claim verified by those on the bus, as well as a beautiful beach.

Beach – check out the aqua water.

From stop 4 it was a short walk to the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Centre, which has the only trained flamingo show in the world.

Here I found a variety of plant vegetation and wildlife.

Christmas Cactus
And isn’t this an interesting collection of well fertilized plants?

There were animals that didn’t seem to be able to live together, yet they did. Lesson for US all??

Turtles and Black Swans.. who knew??

And some interesting birds,

which you can feed.

If my hand surgeon saw this shot he would cringe..

Plus other creatures,

A Pot Belly Pig named Priscilla. There also is an Elvis. Who knew??
A Seville. This fella has legs longer than his body.

Some creatures were scary.

A park employee carrying a friendly python for all to touch. Not me!

But let us return to the Flamingos..

which walked among the zoo visitors fearlessly.

And lounged with fellow birds in the pond.

The Flamingo Show

The flamingos are trained to a command signal where they walk in procession and march in unison. Quite a show.

There are 70 to 80,000 flamingos in the Bahamas and they are protected by law. They weigh about 8 pounds with the males slightly bigger than the females. In the wild they can live up to 70 years of age. Their color comes from diet and the Caribbean Flamingo has the greatest number of the 6 species. One chick can be born each year. It hatches after 28 days. Both mom and dad take turns sitting on the egg. Flamingos feed by putting their heads upside down under water. Interesting tidbits learned from the show about a beautiful creature which we all love.

This concludes the Nassau adventure, however not before a rum cake was purchased, conch fries consumed, and baskets purchased at the marketplace.

Thanks, Nassau for a fun filled day.

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