Cruisin’: Actual Cruise Day 3 and Debarkation

Beautiful weather accompanied this “at sea day,” with the cruise director planning several events:

  • Hasbro, The Game Show
  • $5,000 Jackpot Bingo
  • NFL Football
  • 90’s Music Trivia Party
  • Towel-Folding Fun

While all these events were intriguing with the sun strong and winds quiet it became a great day to veg, sun, and recoup. The transition back to real life comes quickly.

While this short stay may not be for all it is a sure bet for those with limited vacation wanting a quick boost. Also, it gives first time cruisers a taste of ship life and whether they can take the waves.


Since registration includes charge card information a hard copy bill is placed in the cabin mail slot or under your door the last night of stay. If adjustments are needed visit the cruise office early to avoid lines.

The morning of departure passengers need to be out of their rooms by 8:30, so pack the night before and leave the suitcase in the hall if using luggage service. Early breakfast on the top deck is the best bet and don’t forget to obtain any duty free liquors purchased. Find the area and bring receipts.

For those ready for departure before the ship is cleared the theater area is the assigned waiting area. Once the ship is cleared present your cruise card for the final staff swipe at the appropriate deck and make way to the terminal. Once at the terminal have passport ready for custom officials and on to locate the vehicle for trip home with..

Hope you’ve enjoyed this visit and soon you’ll take the plunge.

Ha! Ha! 🙂

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