Back to Work: Virginia

Have taken a travel nurse gig in Hampton, Virginia. While it is a trek from DC, 2 1/2 hours, plan to visit as during my last pass through the government was shutdown and along with that all national museums, except the National Botanical Gardens.

Virginia is a beautiful state and one not explored in over 30 years so anxious for return. The following blogs will explore:

Virginia Beach and beaches..

Their many parks with historic landmarks:

And of course history…

Will be working at a psych hospital 7p to 7a rotating between adult and adolescent units filling open holes on the schedule, (time is scheduled when availability needed, therefore, shifts may not be consistent, e.g. Mon,. Wed., Fri., rather than block scheduling, Mon., Tues., Wed.).

However, I intend to see as much as possible in the beguiling Commonwealth of Virginia.

Caveat: Free pictures from Virginia web sites.

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